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About us

We, Dan and Michaela, started D&M Warmbloods in 2010, at our small farm located in Southeast Michigan. For both of us this is a life-long dream come true!

We have long had a passion for European Warmblood horses and a strong interest in bloodlines and breeding. We enjoy spending time researching bloodlines and have found that our professional research backgrounds (Dan is an engineer, Michaela a faculty member) are also helpful in this context. In addition, Michaela reads German and thus, is able to access and translate original text which often provides additional insight over English translations. Michaela is also able to occasionally visit Germany and speaks to German breeders to obtain information about stallions and mare lines that may not be accessible through other means.

Both Dan and Michaela continue to ride as much as possible. Dan was introduced to riding in his early twenties. He started as a jumper rider but has also developed a strong interest in dressage. Michaela dreamed of having her own horse from a very young age and took advantage of every opportunity she could to ride. Michaela was able to make her dream a reality at 19 and since then, has honed her skills as a dressage rider. Because both of us continue to ride, we approach breeding from a rider's perspective when choosing both mares and stallions. Our current mares, for example, reflect the importance we place on horses' conformation, rideability, gaits, and jumping ability.

We also have experience with raising foals. Michaela, for example, lived and worked for several years at a horse breeding farm. There, she learned the importance of working with foals early on, and about teaching them the essentials such as standing, leading, tying, bathing, trailering, etc. We also know about the importance of quality nutrition for both mares and foals and are currently researching the latest European and U.S. findings on the topic.

We look forward to being able to offer you your next outstanding sport horse partner!


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