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(Dacaprio / St. Pr. Farina)


Filly born March 5, 2014.

Chestnut with white star and two white socks behind.

Height: 15 hands in July 2015, expected to reach 16+ hands.

Location: Howell, MI, USA


Are you looking for your next athletic dressage partner with a great temperament and exceptional bloodlines?  Check out Davina! 

Davina is a very beautiful and elegant filly that takes after her handsome sire and lovely dam.  Her presence (she will attract attention wherever she goes), excellent conformation (including a strong hind end), flowing/ground-covering dressage movements, and intelligence/willingness will ensure her future success as an upper level dressage horse.

Davina is a pleasure to work with, partly because of her “in your pocket” personality. She currently leads, ties, loads, bathes, stands for farrier and we are beginning to introduce her to clipping, “free jumping,” lunging, and long-lining.

Davina has been 100% healthy, no illness or injury since she was born.

Given the height of Farina’s other foals (range: 16.3-17.2H), Davina’s current (September 2015) height of 15.1H and large joints, we expect her to reach at least 16H.

Davina comes from the exceptional Sefaza damline.  This damline has produced many licensed stallions including Benetton Dream, Danone I and II, Der Designer (sold for 1.1 million Euro) and Winterprinz, and has earned over 170,000 Euros in prize money.  Not only are horses from an exceptional damline extremely rare in the US but this particularly one is also highly valued in Germany!

Davina's dam, imported St. Pr. Farina (Fabriano/Donnerhall/Lauries Crusador xx),is a mare show winner (Beedenbostel), received almost exclusively 8s, and has great talent for both dressage and jumping. Most broodmares do not have such dual qualities!  

Farina is proving herself as a producer.  Her first colt (born 2009) won several dressage competitions in Germany with his amateur rider (beating professionals!) in 2014 and 2015. Benito’s owner has turned down numerous offers for him.  Farina’s first filly (born 2010) received her St.Pr.A. title at age three in 2013, won her German riding horse test at age four in 2014, and was subsequently imported to Canada. Belinda’s owner recently wrote “I totally adore everything about Belinda … she is a dream partner.”

Davina’s sire, Dacaprio, received his stallion license in 1998 (Class I X-Rays) and completed his performance test in 1990 with an overall score of 112.84 (Dressage: 122.0, Jumping: 100.30), receiving scores of 8 or higher in character, temperament, willingness to work, ability to work, walk, trot, canter and in free-jumping. Dacaprio competed successful in Germany and his breeding values show that he improves his offspring’s conformation and dressage gaits. Dacaprio is also known to pass on his exemplary character. He is the sire of many modern, versatile, and talented stallions and award winning mares. For pictures and videos of Dacaprio (see Bridlewood Farm).

Dacaprio has many successful offspring. For example, this year (2014) Deluxe Tyme (Dacpario x Anjou) was ridden to victory by Tanya Strasser at the International Horse Sport Champions Cup CDI-W/CDI1* in the Young Rider Freestyle test and had two second place finishes the same weekend. They also posted a score of 69.605% in the Young Rider Team test the previous week. The pair had only been partnered together for 4 weeks! For more Dacpario offspring photo's, see Bridlewood Farm's website.

We originally planned to keep Davina as a future broodmare but due to changes in our circumstances, are now offering her for sale.  

Picture and videos of Davina and her half-siblings further below.
Price: $15,500 as of Aug 2015, will increase with age and training.

Please contact us to learn more about Davina, her dam St. Pr. Farina (which we imported to the US), and her other offspring.

 Dacaprio (Hann) 

 Davignon I (Hann)

 Donnerhall (Old)

 Donnerwetter (Hann)

 Ninette (Old)

  Piroschka (Hann)

 Pik Bube I (Hann)

 Dunja (Hann)

  Carry (Hann)

  Caprimond (Trak)

 Karon (Trak)

  Capri VI (Trak)

  Kiks (Bavarian WB)

 Laterit (Hann)

 Kilady xx

St.Pr. Farina (Hann)




 St.Pr. Duellinde








  St.Pr. Lady

 Lauries Crusador xx

 St.Pr. Sangrita



Davina- (Dacaprio x Farina) at 6 month's old


Davina at 1 1/2 years old




Picture of Farina's colt Benito out of Benetton Dream (5 years old).

Benito updated photo and video at 6 years old in 2015

Benito and his amateur owner are competing successfully against professionals in Germany!

Picture of Farina's daughter Belinda out of Benetton Dream (3 years old).


St. Pr. A Belinda won her riding horse test in Germany and was imported from Germany to Canada.

A video of her winning ride can be found here:

Picture of Farina's 2011 colt by Bonifatius (4  years old)

Dacaprio as shown on Bridlewood farm website

photographer not listed


Dacaprio was the third most expensive stallion at the Stallion Licensing in Verden, Germany in 1998 when he ws purchased by Jens and Susanne Meyer for their stallion station in Dorum, Germany. Dacaprio passed his performance test at Adelheidsdorf the following year as a three-year-old with the sixth-highest Class I Dressage Index of 122.00 points.

Dacaprio is internationally recognized for both his successes in the show ring with Susanne Meyer and for his ability as a sire to stamp his offspring with his wonderfully elastic gaits, athleticism, beauty, as well as his exemplary character and rideability. In the Hanoverian breeding region in Germany, his positive influence both as a performer and as a prepotent sire is still very much in evidence.

Fabriano as shown in Hannoveraner Hengstbuch.


Dr. Wilkins, managing director of the German Verband, calls Fabriano "one of the best performance horse producers of Hannover's breeding program today." (The Hanoverian - December 1999). Fabriano was winner of the 1990 Stallion Performance Test, placing first in jumping and fourth in dressage, Fabriano demonstrated his versatility which was confirmed in his offspring. Fabriano has the charm and good looks of his Absatz heritage, a particularly good wither and croup. His movements are rhythmical and flowing with excellent engagement of the hind quarters, a very free shoulder and an uncomplicated mind. Fabriano's daughters showed excellent scores in all categories of the Hanoverian Mare Inspections and Mare Performance Tests. His performance offspring have also performed well in both dressage and jumping, up to grand prix level in both, giving Fabriano excellent breeding scores in all areas. Video of Fabriano.

Photographer unknown. Photo of Donnerhall taken from www.stallions-online.net


The 2010 Hanoverian Stallion book records that Donnerhall has had 986 dressage competitors (212 at advanced level) – and even 94 in the jumping ring – for total prizemoney of €1,978,764. The most successful of these progeny has been the mare, Donatha S, who has won €159,512 followed by Don Schufro with winnings of €109,257. Donnerhall has an FN dressage ranking of 151, jumping, 79. His Hanoverian ranking is 158 for dressage and 74 for jumping. He is the sire of 48(!) licensed sons. Indeed there are those, like the trainer Jo Hinnemann, who believe that it is the second and third generations of Donnerhalls that will produce the goods: Video of Donnerhall.

Lauries Crusador xx as shown in http://www.eurodressage.com/ equestrian/2006/10/29/ lauries-crusador-xx-hanoverian-stallion-year-2006

Photo by Werner Ernst

Lauries Crusador xx

The Thoroughbred stallion Lauries Crusador xx was proclaimed Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2006 at the 2006 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden, Germany. It was the first time that a thoroughbred stallion was honoured with this award. He has currently fathered 54 licensed sons, 18 entered into the Hannoverian studbook.


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