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Photo by RajMehtaPhotography.com

EMC First Class M


Imported Hanoverian DE331311509597 Elite Eligible

Dam Line: Flaute

Breeder: Horst Erxleben, Germany

Year of Birth: 1997

Color: Bay

Height: 16.1 Hands (165 cm)

First Class M is as her name suggests truly "first class." She is a beautiful, modern mare with an exceptional talent for both dressage and jumping and also has wonderful rideability.

In 2008, First Class M received the highest overall score of 8.5 and as well as the highest combined score of 9.5 on the free jumping portion of the US Hanoverian Mare Performance Test tour. Her mare performance test results included 9s for her walk and jumping technique as well as a perfect 10 for her jumping ability! As a result of her scores, First Class M received both the Engler-Friedlaender Memorial and Benchmark Perpetual Trophies, only one of two U.S. Hanoverian mares to have won both awards in a single year. First Class M also did well in her inspection, receiving 8s for her foreleg, impulsion/elasticity and a 9 on her walk.

Check out a copy (bottom of page) of an article describing First Class M's performance on her 2008 mare performance test published in The American Hanoverian (Spring 2009).

The famous stallion Espri (Eiger/Diplomat/Lukas) comes from the same dam line as First Class M. The Hannoveraner Verband's mare database also shows that the dam line's offspring have earned Euro 414,444 in prize money, to date.

First Class M's sire, Fabriano, is highly regarded for his ability to produce sport horses with a talent for both dressage and jumping. Fabriano is the sire of the popular breeding stallion Fabuleux (Owner: Bridlewood Hanoverians) and Felix, 2009 FEI Level Horse of the Year (Owner: Peggy Thomas), among others. Wendekreis who is well known for producing correct and trainable riding horses can be found twice in First Class M's pedigree. The currently much sought after G-Line in Germany can also be found in First Class M's pedigree through the famous showjumping sire Gotthard.

Sadly, First Class M did not become pregnant in 2010 despite multiple attempts. At the excellent advice of our reproductive veterinarian, Dr. Ragon, we took her to be examined by Dr. Bennett, a reproductive surgeon, before the 2011 breeding season. Based on the results of this examination, we may attempt in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer with her in the future.






  St.Pr. Duellinde






 St.Pr. Waldnote


 Leutnant P.B.


St.Pr. Wega 




 St.Pr. Herzenskind




  Gogo Proud 


 Goldfisch II



 Poet xx

 St.Pr. Alsterlilie

First Class at her 2008 Mare Performance Test. The rider is Vannesa Voltman.

Photo by RajMehtaPhotography.com
Photo by RajMehtaPhotography.com


The photo on the left shows one of the reasons we like the Fabriano bloodlines so much: kid safe!

The photo on the right is from the Hannoverian Auction where we bought First Class.

Alex grazing First Class
Photo by the Hannoverian Verband


First Class in 2011.


Fabriano as shown in Hannoveraner Hengstbuch


Dr. Wilkins, managing director of the German Verband, calls Fabriano "one of the best performance horse producers of Hannover's breeding program today." (The Hanoverian - December 1999). Fabriano was winner of the 1990 Stallion Performance Test, placing first in jumping and fourth in dressage, Fabriano demonstrated his versatility which was confirmed in his offspring. Fabriano has the charm and good looks of his Absatz heritage, a particularly good wither and croup. His movements are rhythmical and flowing with excellent engagement of the hind quarters, a very free shoulder and an uncomplicated mind. Fabriano's daughters showed excellent scores in all categories of the Hanoverian Mare Inspections and Mare Performance Tests. His performance offspring have also performed well in both dressage and jumping, up to grand prix level in both, giving Fabriano excellent breeding scores in all areas. Video of Fabriano.

Wendekreis as shown in Hannoveraner Hengstbuch


Wendekreis is by Ferdinand. Of the Ferdinand sons, Wendekreis had the biggest influence, producing many stallions: Wagner, Wendelin, Wendenburg, Wendland II, Wendulan, Wildfang, and Werther. Conformation-wise, his offspring are very correct. Wendekreis is well known as a producer of riding horses with excellent trainability.

Wendekreis is also the grandsire of Fabriano.

Gotthard as shown in Hannoveraner Hengstbuch.

Same photo is shown in 2000/2001 Ausgewahlte Hengste Deutschlands.


Gotthard is truly one of the greats. For seven years he was the leading sire of showjumpers in Germany - and his influence continues to the present day. During his time he sired over 34 licensed stallion sons - the most highly rated of which was Goldberg who was based in Westfalia alas for only four seasons. In Hanover, Gardestern I was the most important, while the private stallions, Goldpilz, Goldstern and Godehard were all influential.
Gotthard was also influential as a mare sire and he was responsible for 26 States Premium mares.
He was the sire of international showjumpers, Goya, Goldika, Gonzales, Galipolis, Queensway Big Q, Goldfink, Golden Gate, Graf Sieno and Graf 2. Gotthard’s son, Genever sired Genius, the World Cup Showjumping Champion of 1992. Another son, Goldpilz is the sire of John Whitaker’s Gamon. Gotthard has also been influential as a broodmare sire, another World Cup winner, The Natural (by Diskus) is out of a Gotthard mare, and Voltaire, the hugely influential Dutch based Hanoverian jumping sire, is similarly out of a Gotthard dam.

Gotthard was by Goldfisch II who was the sire of nine licensed stallion sons and who is the grandsire of another great, Grande. Goldfisch II descends from the nineteenth century Thoroughbred sire, Goldschaum. Goldfisch II had a reputation for producing beautiful horses and good movers, yet neither of his most famous sons had exceptional conformation - Graf was a small chestnut, like his son Grande, while Gotthard was not the most elegant of horses.

The great breeding expert, Werner Schockem√∂hle described Gotthard as ‘lucky’ to be accepted into the stallion ranks at Celle. "At the time he was not really ready. He looked weak and lacking in his expression - he was not developed sufficiently in the shoulder and in the formation of his neck. No-one at this time could guess at the time how lovely and expressive the horse would be ten years later. The fully matured Gotthard impressed through his perfect shoulder and his perfect neck, and even his head could be classed as nice - even though he had a few too strong cheek bones from his Arabian ancestry, otherwise the head was clear and dry with a wide forehead and a lovely big eye. His croup could have been a little longer and a little bit more sloped in the top line. His hind legs were quite good but you have to admit that his hocks could have been better."
On his dam’s sire, Gotthard descends for the Shagya Arab line of Amurath - also influential on the dam line of another influential sire of jumpers, Ramzes.
When he was approved in 1951, Gotthard seemed short framed, insignificant and stocky and it is not surprising that he was not particularly popular (indeed he was put over all sorts of mares, including cold bloods and Norwegians) - from 1956 to 1960 he was not used at all. It was not until his daughter, Goldika (out of a Mecklenburg mare with no papers) started her sensational jumping career with Gert Wiltfang that the breeders found him attractive. Eventually he was to produce over fifty horses to compete internationally and when in 1975, a list of top stallions was published, Gotthard was number one in terms of prize money won. Eventually his competing progeny numbered 398, with earnings of almost two million deutschmarks.

photographer unknown. photo taken from: http://poetsplaats.nu/ viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1096

Poet xx

Poet xx is most well known for being the sire of Marco Polo. Marco Polo is considered to be the most influential Dutch stallion in breeding and jumping and has sired several keur stallions. Marco Polo, a Trakehner bred in Germany in mid 1960's, was an outstanding show jumping sire despite his short stature. His progeny have been successful all over the world and include Vivaldi, Marius, and the famous Whitaker Olympic mount, Milton. His best sons to stand at stud are Legaat, sire of Adios and Cosmos, Recruit, and Irco Polo, sire of Irco Marco and Marcio.

Poet was only 162 cm but gave a larger impression due to his long front legs and spectacular movement. His sire, Janitor xx also produced the Celle stallion, Monitor xx, and was the dam sire of Steinpilz xx.


First Class article, reprinted with the permission of the American Hanoverian Society.