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Rising Star - Sold

(Romancero H / South Ridge Bliss)

Weser-Ems Breeding Society (associated with the Oldenburg Horse Breeders' Society)

Filly born 29 April, 2012

Color: Buckskin with white star and one white sock.

Height: Expected to reach at 16.0 - 16.1 hands (she is tall for her age)

More photos and videos further below! To be updated regularly. 

Are you looking for a sport horse prospect with an excellent temperament and one that you can do anything with - dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing? Check out our Rising Star!

Rising Star is a very pretty filly (she takes after her beautiful dam Bliss and handsome Hanoverian sire Romancero).  She is extremely smart - show her something once, or at most three times, and she has it figured out!  Rising Star is also very brave - loud noises and strange objects do not phase her.  She has definitely inherited the outstanding R-line temperament and mind. 

Rising Star also has excellent conformation with a strong hind end and long legs.  She has solid, balanced movements and has been 100% healthy (no illness or injury since she was born). 

Rising Star will stand out because of her unique color as well as her “look at me” attitude.

Leading, tying, loading, bathing, clipping, standing for farrier are all no problems.  We have also introduced Rising Star to long-lining, lunging, and free jumping – the latter is her favorite!

Given the height of Bliss’ other foals and Rising Star’s current height (Spring 2013) we expect her to reach 16.0 - 16.1 hands.

Sire Romancero H (Rohdiamant X Matcho AA) won the dressage portion of his Stallion Performance Test in Germany (out of 23 stallions). Romancero H will make his US debut at the upper levels in 2014.    He successfully passes on his outstanding qualities (2012 FN dressage value: 140 points). See Garner Creek Farms and Wood's Lane Farms for more information about this terrific stallion.

Dam South Ridge Bliss is a very special mare with talent for both dressage and jumping. Everyone who has come to visit loves her beauty, movements, and temperament. Bliss is extremely well bred, with successful show and jumper Connemara ponies on both sides of her pedigree.  After seven years as a broodmare, Bliss seamlessly transitioned back to training. At what we believe to be only the second show of her life, Bliss and her 10 year old rider recently won numerous 1st place ribbons in hunter/jumper classes, resulting in two high point scores.

Bliss has had at least one exceptional offspring out of another Hanoverian stallion already! "Fancy This" by Fred Astair, participated in the 2010 USEF National Young Horse Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in IL. This made her one of the top 15 Five Year Olds in the country that year – and - to the best of our knowledge, the first horse not fully warmblood to participate in these prestigious championships.

There is a saying that if you like an R-line horse at 3 months you will love them at 3 years. If you visit us, we are sure you will love Rising Star right away!

Sold - Congratulations to Jenna in SC – you two will make a great team!


 Romancero H (Hann)  

Rohdiamant (Old) 

Rubinstein I (Westphalian)

Rosenkavalier (Westphalian)

Antine (Westphalian)

Elektia V (Old)

Inschallah AA

Elektia (Old)

Marle (Hann)

Matcho AA

Pancho II AA

Timab de Fondelyn AA

St. Pr. Widmung (Hann)

Wagner (Hann)

St. Pr. Siegeswunder (Hann)

South Ridge Bliss 

  South Ridge Duncan's Honor 

Moxley Duncan

Blue Ridge Jubal Early

Gralyn's Dungannon

Megan's Honor

Gralyin's Tregaron

Hash Brown

Bantry Bay's Wanda 

Spring Ledge Bantry Bay

Whitewood Galway Bay

Gentian Hill

Concord River Minute Maid

Hideaway's Erin Smithereen

Lynfield's Proud Hope

“Rising Star” – South Ridge Bliss’ 2012 filly by Romancero H in 2015 (Owner/Rider Jenna Bender) Owner tells us that she has already declined numerous offers to sell this promising young eventer and that a 4* event rider from Britain informed her she would be “stupid to ever sell her” :-).



More pictures or Rising Star as a yearling - August 2013

28 October 2012



Rising Star at 3 days old


Rising star at 10 days.





Rising star at 15 days.




Rising Star at 19 days

Rising Star at 3 month's

Video of Rising Star at 1 week old.



Video of Rising Star at 2 weeks old.


Rising star at 3 month's old

Photo courtesy of Sharon Garner

Romancero H

Romancero H is a fantastic, 16.2 ½ hh Hanoverian dressage stallion with a 2010 FN dressage value of 145 points. At his Stallion Performance Test in Germany in 2002, he won his dressage portion of testing out of 23 horses with a score of 141.93, finishing third overall. His pedigree of Rohdiamant, Inschallah, Match, and Wagner combine to produce proven top riding horses which have been extremely successful and popular in Germany. Romancero has produced States Premium daughters, Elite Auction foals, Elite Auction riding horses, and at least one licensed son during his breeding time in Germany. For 2011, Romancero H is listed in the top 5% of all Hanoverian dressage stallions based on Hanoverian breed values and/or FN breed values.


(South Ridge Duncan's Honor / Bantry Bay's Wanda)

Bliss is a gorgeous, talented, 14.2 Hands Connemara pony with great movement, natural jumping ability, as well as a kind and gentle disposition. Bliss has produced exceptional foals. "Fancy This", for example, was only one of 15 Five Year Olds in the country to be selected to participate in the 2010 USEF National Young Horse Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in IL .


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